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In general, Austrians do not like asking, even if they are genuinely interested. Same goes the other way round — say you are chatting with a stranger in your train carriage this is very common, people chatting you up on the train. At first, stick to neutral topics. This is a sort of initial barrier you have to overcome with your Austrian acquaintances and future friends. The way to learn more about them is not asking, but giving the same information about yourself. Austrian German is actually quite hard to understand at first, even if you are already a German speaker.

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There are a lot of differences in vocabulary and especially in words used daily. And while the vocab differences are pretty much surmountable, if weird at first, much like the difference between U. English, pronunciation is an entirely different story.

Accept that it would just take the time to get used to Austrian German and use every opportunity to speak it, even if locals look at you a little funny. I promise, almost everybody speaks English, but you will notice it isolates you from locals. They are very quick to switch back to German, even if there is more than one foreigner in the group and also, speaking Germans makes everyday life plain easier and more stress-free. The best program to learn German is Rocket German. Click here to learn more about it.

Valentine's Day: All you need to know about dating in Austria

Have you ever been to the opera? For me, it has always seemed like a sort of exclusive place, where only fancy, rich people went along with fancy rich wannabes. The Austrian culture is incredibly varied and accessible, with massive discounts for students, for the young, the elderly, the unemployed — the list goes on and on. On top of that, theater performances, ballet, concert, and opera tickets are generally quite cheap, even if you are paying full-price.

If you decide to go, make sure you put on a decent shirt and shoes.

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You will notice most Austrians know quite a lot about art, they read a lot and they often go to different events. I guess it makes up for their lack of interest in travel? If you plan to be spending all day walking around Vienna and exploring the Austrian culture, make sure you pick yourself up a decent pair of shoes for comfort. Germanic people get a reputation for being almost militantly disciplined, and that is very much true for Austrians.

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You will definitely enjoy how well-organized, neat, and clean the entire country is. Take recycling for example. It is everywhere and not doing is not simply frowned upon, it is almost unthinkable.

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On the road, there is very little speeding, passing on red lights or people crossing the street outside a zebra. Yes, you probably associate Austria with the Alps and hence, with skiing. True, it is a very popular sport that almost everyone practices and even average people are great skiers. In fact, most Austrians take a ski vacation to their favorite resort every single year. Of course, they have some world-class athletes, as well as huge competitions taking place in their country.

That generates a lot of interest, maybe more than you are used to. Still, most people consider football to be the national sport. Austrians enjoy seeing local and international teams alike. Any opinions, do you agree?

Valentine's Day: All you need to know about dating in Austria - The Local

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