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Sword swallowers without healthcare coverage expose themselves to financial as well as physical risk. Their membership requirements are as follows: Each sword must be non-retractable with non-collapsible solid steel blade. Our 46 respondents collectively had swallowed over swords in the three months before we contacted them but the complications relate to their professional lifetimes. Although the risk of sustaining life threatening injury is low for an experienced swallower while relaxed and concentrating on swallowing a single sword, the risk over a career is high.

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I'd like to perform at American Village I think it is in Okinawa? Let me know if you know of any places in Japan that might like to have me! In the UK there is a pound fine if you are caught carrying swords in public.

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So far, I have not been caught, but I have managed to swallow swords at Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge without getting caught:. I have had swords confiscated in Switzerland and the Bahamas. Many times the security guards question my swords, and I have had to swallow them on the spot to prove I am who I say I am - This has happened at airports from Branson, MO to Doha Qattar when it gathered a huge crowd.

Sometimes I ship swords ahead to make sure they arrive before I do and not get lost with my baggage. I also have several swords in Ripley's Believe It or Not museums around the world, so if my bags are delayed, I can sometimes borrow my own swords out of museums. Over the course of his career, Meyer has sustained numerous injuries to his throat, esophagus and stomach I punctured my stomach on October 13, when I was swallowing 5 swords at once and my stomach retched upwards.


I ended up spending 10 days in a hospital in Rome on an antibiotic IV drip. How do you deal with it when it happens? Do you actually feel something? I'm pretty sure I would panic and end up cutting all my insides while trying to get the blades out. On the TLC clip he explains what was basically a panic attack after he punctured his stomach. It's one of those things where you know you're hurt, you hope it isn't that bad, you realize it probably is, and you're weighing all of the options in your head Do I "man up" and walk it off?

Do I make a doctor's appointment? Do I rush to the E. That and your body is physically reacting to having been punctured in the stomach and releasing acid into your abdomen. Also, perhaps that's why there are so few sword swallowers. Ever hear of any deaths related to doing what you do? I think I've seen on Discovery or somewhere like that, that there was a guy who swallowed an umbrella and it opened when it was down to the handle.

He couldn't pull it out as it hooked basically into his flesh from the inside. He died of course, from choking. I can't remember his name though. Must be hard to not panic and try and pull it out and tear things up when you're choking like that. Though really if an umbrella opens down there, you're already screwed Yes, there have been 29 deaths from sword swallowing injuries over the past years.

The last death we had was Francis Doran who died in after his neon tube burst inside of him. When I was at the Natural History museum in Copenhagen, the curator Hanne Strager showed me several large narwhal tusks down the basement in the archives - I wish I could have swallowed it and joked about it, but they were all way too big! Also did the same thing at the Fjord og Baelt Marine Research Center in Kerteminde Denmark, but the swordfish blade was too rough and brittle! How do you feel about the fact that interesting people like you are eventually dumped by the wayside and mediocre singers with sob stories make it through.

In this episode of America's Got Talent, I swallowed a 30 inch sword with 24 inch blade that was sitting in a vase of fuel, then lit it on fire and swallowed the blade while it was on fire. This puts fuel in your stomach which is NOT healthy and it makes you belch fuel for a few hours afterwards! Do you live solely on sword swallowing? I'm guessing there's a lot of demand for such a thing. Here is a video of the underwater swallow in the shark tank for Ripley's Believe It or Not in May Halfdan is an old Viking name from "Halvdan" which means "Half Danish".

My great grandparents are from Schleswig-Hostein north Germany which is near Denmark and that has changed hands over the centuries. I lived in Sweden and studied Vikings and do Viking reenactments in Sweden and Iceland, so the name works for me. I also swallow a hedge clippers, a giant straight razor, a giant forceps, a curved sword, a serpentine Flamberge sword, a glowing light sword, and a sword with the blade lit on fire.

I don't know this language so 0: Yes, it is important to swallow my pride before each performance to keep my focus in the right place. I have written an article for Guideposts magazine on "Swallowing My Pride" article pending. I know one way that you can make a lot of money on the side. Having an entire conference devoted to teaching women how to deep throat, you would make a killing on that one. I'll donate to the trust fund to send women to the seminar. Better the world, one swallow at a time. I admire your courage, I wouldn't be able to perform, especially after the first individual throws up on me.

How about neon tubes with all the electrical plugs on one end so that you can light it up in your throat? I heard that was possible, but seems more dangerous if it shatters and then you get thousands of glass shards in your throat and bleed to death after getting mercury poisoning and electrocuted. Dude, the guy swallows motherfucking swords, it's not like his job isn't ridiculously dangerous already I would assume that it's to moisten the blade, just to ensure that it doesn't get snagged on anything.

Basically the same reason condoms have lube The girl should already be wet At what point were you like, 'you know, I think it would be cool to stick a sword down my oesophagus'? And how did you learn? Did you start off with butter knives or something and then move on to bigger and better things? If you have kids, are you going to train them to swallow swords and then travel the country like a lovable band of circus freaks, entertaining and shocking crowds of townsfolk as you go? This guy seems to have swallowed more swords.

He has broken six world records, including most swords swallowed 17 , then broke that record again, this time scoring 27 swords at the Irish Street Performance Festival although this 27 swords record is unofficial and on the 8th February the BBC recorded that he broke this official world record by swallowing 18 swords. I'd seen that guy in Edinburgh numerous times. No, my throat doesn't hate me. The first few years, I got a lot of sore throats, what we sword swallowers call "Sword Throats" - from all the scrapes and scratches.

But now I rarely get a sword throat, as my body has adjusted to all the scrapes and bacteria. I actually love my throat and take good care of it.

I drink a lot of Aloe Vera juice to heal it up after shows, and I pamper my throat as it takes me around the world. Looks like you're just pasting videos around and ignoring most of the questions including those that ask you prove that you are who you claim you are. Also, Sword Swallowers Association Int'l? Please proceed to the lounge where a representative will supply you with a sword. Not to diminish OP's achievements but just for clarification It is a parady of the Nobel prize with a tagline of achievements that "First make people laugh, and then make them think".

Alright, so could you elaborate on how you do it? I've never seen a sword swallower and I have no idea how it works. With in internet, more and more obscure sports and skills are getting increasingly popular with online support, and the internet has taught me that many people are willing to take risks with their bodies or even their lives. Would I be correct to say that the sword itself makes the sport less easy to get into? I would say that most people who learn these skills casually want to impress their friends. You can easily bring a pack of cards, a butterfly knife, or even throwing knives to a party to impress your friends.

A sword is much harder to bring around. I believe that some states may have strict laws about blades over a certain length being carried about. You're basically teaching your body to ignore its own gag reflex.

How has this affected your normal eating habits? I can imagine stomach flus are What was the thought process behind this show, and why did you stop at a tank of sharks? You could have swallowed swords inside of a shark that's been pushed out of the back of an aeroplane. This one man approached the ice cream truck, heard such requests, and yelled, "I will swallow a sword for free ice cream!

Dana and Dave immediately jumped on the opportunity, egged him on, and he delivered: Was a photographer for Adult Swim at Comic Con. Adult Swim was giving out free ice cream. I got to see someone swallow a sword for ice cream. That's my friend Scott Nelson, better known as Murrugun the Mystic. Glad to hear he got some free ice cream out of it.

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Reminds me of the Old spice ad. Here's video of America's Got Talent Atlanta audition: This video actually answered the question I was going to ask you. I wanted to know if you were the sword swallower who that moron David Hasselhoff buzzed. What you do is so dangerous and to do something like that while you have a sword down your throat was probably one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. He could have killed you. Did get startled or hurt at all when he did it? Out of those 70, NONE had made it through the first day and a half of auditions. Just before I went on, they decided to crank up the buzzer even louder.

During my auditon, the audience was loving my act, and cheering me on. So I was not expecting Hasselhoff to buzz me. He actually buzzed me while I was swallowing the 7 swords at once including the 5 that had almost killed me in that I had not swallowed since then!

When he buzzed me, I jumped, but was not injured. However, they re-edited the video to make it look like he buzzed me on the final small sword, which was not the case. As a matter of fact, they sped up the tape of me swallowing the small sword at the end to make it look like I flinched, but actually I could hear my music ending and I time the final throw to fit my music. After that I had Sharron Osbourne come up on stage and pull my long sword out of my mouth, which the audience loved, but they did not include that footage on TV or on the video. I was one of only 3 out of 70 out of 16, who were sent on from Atlanta to the Las Vegas semi-finals.

Thanks for the reply. I'm glad you were fine. I didn't realize how much they cut up the footage on AGT. I thought they did some editing, but that is a crazy amount. Thanks for the inside scoop. I see this guy when I go to lunch on the weekends Matty Blade. I've met Chayne Hultgren a few times in the past and find him to be an amazingly nice and down to earth guy, quite inspirational in fact. Is the sword swallowing community particularly close knit? How do you "practice" to work up to swallowing your first sword? Do you just try shoving a blunt sword down there?

The Ig Nobel awards are given each year to real research that "makes people laugh, and then makes them think".

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For more information on the Igs, visit www. Have you got doctors to thread a camera through your esophagus to see what type of scarring you have in there? What is the sensation when the sword is in your stomach? Does it have a ticklish feeling like when you have your finger down your throat? Yes, I have done numerous x-rays, fluoroscopies, and endoscopes for doctors and documentaries on the Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, The Learning Channel, and most recently, The History Channel that should be airing the next few weeks in August, September, or October Here are a few fluoroscopes of me swallowing swords, serpentine swords, curved swords, and forceps:.

To answer your second question, I can feel the sword as I navigate past the epiglotus and upper esophageal cricopharangeal sphincter, but after this point, I don't feel much, as there does not seem to be many nerve endings that send "feeling" sensations like we have in our fingers. However, if my blades are very warm on a summer day or very cold in the winter, I can feel the warmth and coldness as it goes down into my stomach, and if I bump or bruise myself inside, I can often feel the pain for several days.

I spend many hours making sure my swords are smooth and relatively safe enough to swallow. I have about swords in my collection, including several that belonged to famous sword swallowers in the late s and early s. Of these, I have about favorites that I swallow, and my favorite is a silver "Light renaissance sword" that is about 30 inches long with a 24 inch blade.

Most of my favorite swords are around inches long with blades that range from " long. I lick the blade for several reasons: To warm up the blade more to body temperature so my throat does not react adversely. To check for nicks and burrs on the edge of the blade that could prove fatal if the sword were to fishhook and get stuck inside of me. And most of all to lubricate the blade so it slides down easier.

Dry blades stick more to the walls of the esophagus. The red-hot sword was extremely difficult and dangerous to swallow. I could not lick the blade to lubricate it, so I swallowed a mouthful of olive oil to lubricate my throat.

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My blacksmith lowered the blade down into my throat with tongs and when it got to the bottom of my stomach, we held it there for about a second or two, until I motioned for him to remove it quickly before the heat-transferences worked its way down the blade. You will have to watch the History Channel documentary "Superhumans" when it comes out later this month in August or Sept for the full description - The producers will not let me post my behind the scenes videos on YouTube until after it airs on TV, but they have not told me the exact air date yet.

Bill is a great guy! I haven't met them face to face, but they performed at my university once and I've e-mailed a few times. They both seem like awesome guys! I figured you'd probably encountered them at some point. Thanks for the reply!