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But it's been tough.

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Now it's time for something new. If this were a thriller, upon your return to the U. You would begin an epic battle. We'd be on your side. Somewhere in the novelization of your life, there would be a dramatic flashback to the deal you made, the doubts you had, the sacrifices you endured to have your graduate studies subsidized.

It would tell us much about your character -- how you think about things, where you come from, what your big dreams are and your big fears, although we get a good sense of you just from the letter. But this is not a thriller. This is your life. All you want is a job outside the government. We were hoping for a knife fight in an alley with the trusted official with whom you had worked closely for years, whom you always suspected of double-dealing.

We were hoping for coded messages and clandestine liaisons; we want torrid affairs and high-tech gizmos. I'm just saying, it's an interesting letter. If you don't want to write the thriller, let's at least help you get a job outside the government, a decent boyfriend and a flat in the Bay Area or New York.

The Reality Of Being A Foreign Service Spouse

Foreign companies that operate in the U. If you want to stay in the U. There is a whole world of think tanks, policy advocates, lobbying, public relations, journalism and all that, out there.

You write clearly and concisely. You probably also know languages. As far as straight-ahead business opportunities, well, for starters, the Mexican company Grupo Bimbo is now the biggest baker in the U. And any company that names itself Bimbo could use some diplomatic skills, ya think? There's a whole lot of Mexican companies thriving in the U. They might be a good place to start. And if that doesn't pan out, maybe you could become the Special U.

Advisor on Protocol to "Ask a Mexican. What else is going on in Mexico? I very much look forward to reading about your thoughts in the comment section. If you were to randomly ask Foreign Service Officers to describe their experiences, you would probably see a lot of common themes about their careers and living abroad.

But those experiences are profoundly colored by their own circumstance, their personality, their family situation, etc. There are a number of irksome practical matters solo FSOs frequently cite. Number one being PCS permanent change of station.

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Granted, moving one person around the world is logistically simpler than moving a family of five. However, the weeks leading up to a PCS are chaotic and require a lot of running around. If you live in a house or apartment that is isolated from other embassy employees and you become ill or suffer an emergency, you could be at the mercy of how proactive and compassionate the RSO, Med Unit, and CLO are.

In the event of an emergency, which outcome you could expect is out of your control. Often overlooked is the emotional well-being of solo FSOs, who are far away from family and friends. Solo FSOs have missed birthdays, weddings, funerals, and holidays back home, without the consolation of family celebrations at post.

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Social media and videophone apps make it easier to stay in touch with loved ones, but for many solo FSOs, the infrequency of personal contact with the people they care about can be demoralizing. The State Department could do more to address this. There are many, many benefits to this career and to being a solo FSO: I have no regrets about this path I chose. By signing-up you are also joining hundreds of other FSO applicants in a communal pursuit to join the Foreign Service. Why is important for foreign service to offer a unique professional experience of not just visiting, but living in a foreign country, as well as the pride and gratification of representing the United States in an official capacity?

Why Foreign Service facilitate critical bilateral trade and commerce? Was it necessary to facilitate tourism and cultural exchanges by the Foreign Service?

Singles Have Families, Too, Just Not at Post

Was it necessary to strengthen U. The story takes place in Sydney Australia District! This area is home to half of all Australians and because of its exotic agenda for opportunity, security and strength, many U. New South Wales has a population of 7. Queensland has a population of 4.

Single in the Foreign Service: Heather Steil Blogs from Afghanistan

The next, there was a popping feeling inside my head and my right ear started buzzing and screeching. By the next morning, I was so disoriented I was vomiting and walking into walls. Nobody ever figured out what happened to me. I flew to Hong Kong in search of a doctor who could get my hearing back. But nobody could help. You probably contracted a virus, they said. So I flew back to my house in Beijing and continued living my life. The pollution was so bad that your eyes would burn when you walked out the door. Like my sudden deafness, nobody could tell us what caused the twitches.

It was actually an apartment. We had a ground floor apartment in an 8-unit structure that we shared with seven Jordanian families.

Foreign Service Officer Examination (Part 1)

But the neighbors themselves were lovely. Whenever a protest started up at the Red Cross building down the street, someone would come warn me to bring the children in. There were a lot of protests during the years we lived in Jordan.

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In fact, I made the drive in that direction plenty of times, for work. All you could do was lock the car door and keep driving straight through it, eyes focused on the road ahead. I really did like it. I could walk to the grocery store, the pharmacy. I spent four years in that apartment, listening to the call to prayer every morning from the mosque across the street.

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The last year there, I was alone with the kids. My husband had been assigned to Iraq, so we stayed behind while he went there for a year. That was a hard year.