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HassenderZerhacker, on 26 September - The only thing KV-4 would need is a penetration buff to effectively counter other new superheavys. In the next patch it will be reworked to HD, losing all the weakspot. So you just need the old L2P. Some suggestion are learn how to angle it KV-4 is the sidescrape king and remember that almos every bob will shoot the comander turret. It's not a weackspot so, knowing this, try to wriggle your turret a bit if your in hulldown it can help, but KV-4 is not too good at it so they will more likely miss it or bounce.

He admitted he redline snipes with his Tiger II "because the only way to play it is to stay out of view range" He plays the tanks completely wrong, makes a thread about it and then report and put everyone who disagrees with him on his ignore list. Its what he does. While I have a soft spot for the tank, I have to say it feels like the KV has been powercrept quite serverly.

Looking at the new tier 8 tanks and the current tier 8 matchmaking, what the KV-4 is up against tends to just overpower the KVs strong point, which is its armor.

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It can still side scrape and has hit points to spare, but listing the weak spots that can be abused is quite the long list: Against anything but low tiers, most of the front - lower plate, raised upper plate - is weak and must be hidden. The MG weakspot removal doesnt really help there if the surrounding area barely surpasses mm effective.

Most of the turret front besides the gun mantlet is flat and not overly thick, even when angled, which is especially noticeable with the mini turret on top. And the KV doesnt really have anything besides armor.

Kv-4 Matchmaking

The gun is okay with decent handling but average in alpha and dpm, not all that suited to trading. The tank is also quite slow, blind and lacks gun depression even if it had more, the tumor and the turret placement would still hinder its hull-down capabilities a lot. Now that the VK is around the KV-4 looks serverly dated, as that tank out-armors, out-spots and out trades it and even gets better hull down capabilities to boot.

To feel up to snuff, the KV-4 really needs something. There have been a few ideas around how to buff the KV-4 without giving it ridiculous armor trademark WG - for example, by giving the long basically TD-like penetration to turn the 4tress into an anti-superheavy brawler The penetration idea also has the benefit of not screwing over low tiers which the KV would have penned anyways, other than VK levels of armor would. So, yeah, there are quite a few suggestions around. WG just needs to try something out or else the KV-4 might become a pure enthusiasts tank.

But, yeah, this might take a while Uebergewicht, on 26 September - Some weeks ago I took it, as someone out of my clan took his KV4 and it sounded like a neat idea. With the actual match maker this thing is a XP piniata for the big boys.

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An he will meet them nearly every match. Just be aware that tactics like angling your tank don't work the same in the IS The pike nose means that you want to face your enemies head-on and it is critical to hide your vulnerable lower plate. The best thing you can do to earn money is win - but the second best is to not miss.

Don't fire APCR unless you absolutely must, and don't miss.

IS3 and KV-4

Sell some junk on eBay, mow some lawns, whatever! Playing the IS - 8 and IS-7 and winning will net you credit income, while even winning on the ST-1 and IS-4 with decent damage output will sometimes lose you credits. You will be lucky to even break even with the KV -4 line. THe IS-4 is a very fun tank though.

I would play it more if I didn't hate losing credits. See this post for more info: It's up to you but here's some advice: The St-1 can use the Bl-9 unlocked from the IS I have both lines. KV line more armor but much much slower. All of them are good tanks. IS3 suffered a nerf an update ago I think it is but still worth playing. IS8 hits like a hammer but is not a front line tank. I play mine more like a medium. KV4 and ST1 can bounce shots like crazy if angled properly. No angling required in the IS3 and 8. It's done for you already in the way it's built.

I have mastery badge in all of them except the ST1.

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  • Sum it up if you want more speed then IS line. More armor KV line.

    KV-4 totally unplayable. please do something.

    You can make credits in all of them but ST1 seems to be the hardest one to generate credits in. I started with the IS branch before the KV-3 branch. You absolutely need that gun to be competitive. If you are stuck with the DT just take opportunistic shots at the sides of enemies or focus fire on weakly armored enemies like the SU or the Panther. You will have to use gold against stronger armor, but take extreme care not to miss or you will lose tons of credits per battle.

    For the KV-4 stock, it's a nightmare. Basically a slow, better armored IS You'll find it is easier to bounce shots away, but you are so slow that if you are flanked you're in huge trouble.

    ► World of Tanks: SOVIET ELEPHANTS - KV-4 and KV-5 - Ding, Bounce!

    Always stay right behind your other heavies. Since the hull is still extremely strong, you can utilize skills such as sidescraping and angling, but since your firepower is under par you will have to either shoot gold or, like the IS-3, fire at weak targets only.

    The ZiS gun does less alpha but the penetration is what you need.

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    Use the stock turret on the KV-4 instead of the upgraded one. The upgraded turret gets this ridiculously tall "mini-turret" on top of the primary turret that attracts shells like a magnet.

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    The stock turret's mini-turret is smaller so it's probably a better choice. Silevern, on 04 September - World of Tanks CZ patch 9. WoT's matchmaker is rigged Whole patent has many different tools that may be used in matchmaking, Flat armor back when I had the KV4 months.

    Sadly none of the modules in the optional KV4 packages are used in it have premium matchmaking. Heute Abend gibt leider kein Entwicklertagebcuh, dafr ein paar nette Screenshots und ein Video vom KV4 Kreslavskogo, den wir euch vorgestern vorgestellt haben World of tanks comparing tanks side by side: Follow your performance in daily, weekly, monthly and bimonthly form. WoT Guru is the premier place to find World of Tanks weak spots, help, tips, tank guides, map strategy, replays, and picking which tank is best for you.

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    tramcompjongbet.gq World of Tanks is a trademark of Wargaming. WOT Stats Numbers players and clans statistics, rankings, transfers A poza tym jak dla mnie matchmaking bardziej go lubi od kw. This MatchMaking posted in Gameplay: So I just played a tier 9 match in my isu dmg, xp and went to check the winrates of.