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But the person he or she has been talking to online for a while can scam them by taking their money. Invasion of Private Personal Information- when a person joins an online dating site their , address, name, and etc is put at risk. Physical Risks- Sometimes the person who you think you are going to be meeting could really be abusive or mean and could hurt you physically. Financial Issues- people who lie and try and scam people of money exist on these online dating sites.

Usually the picture they send tends to be a picture that is out dated or not even them.

Against Online Dating Amanda E. Smith CIS

They could lie about their age or other things. Also, someone could say they are single and looking for a relationship and really be married and have a family. They might not leave you alone and this could make you resort to calling the police and getting a restraining order.

Distance- sometimes the person you meet could live a very far distance away which would make it hard to maintain a relationship and see them a lot. Online Predators can be on these sites Online dating is a lazy and effortless way to go and meet people, there are so many other fun and more safe ways of meeting new people and require more of an effort and not being lazy.

There is no way someone can easily build trust with someone when they only met them online and rarely even know them Watson. Here are some pictures on why online dating is dangerous.

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The picture on the top left is a man who is robbing a safe that contains money in it. This picture is related to the dangers of online dating because individuals can find out personal information and steal money from someone by getting a hold of their credit card numbers and even opening new credit card accounts in that persons name. Not only this, but sometimes people begin to feel so comfortable with the person they have been talking to that if the person asked for money they would give it to them Example, next slide tells of a woman who is going through bankruptcy after meeting a man on an online dating site.

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The picture on the top right relates to the dangers of online dating because if an individuals not careful the person they are talking to on the online dating site can get personal information out of the other individual that they should not no. Simply by just giving their name, , phone number, area in which they live, and etc. The picture on the bottom left is a house which relates to the dangers of online dating because if someone who is using an online dating site is not careful the person they think they know so well could find out where they live and rob their house, kill them, sexually assault them, stalk or harass them.

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Lastly, the picture on the bottom right is two people talking and the one guy has his fingers crossed. He is lying to the other guy and the other guy seems to really believe him. Many people can lie on online dating websites, these can range from small lies to rather big lies. Someone can lie about their age, weight, hair, sex, race.

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  5. But others can lie and say they are not married and really are, they could be online predators, and etc. The man said he was an army major general named Wayne Jackson.

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    Wayne told Esther that his wife died in an automobile accident and that his sister wanted him to use this online dating service. Wayne and Esther were communicating everyday through s and saying how much they loved each other. Wayne soon asked for a few hundred dollars for his son, and than a few thousands of dollars to start a business that he said Esther and him would run together Murray.

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