Raleigh nc dating scene

We enjoy going to the local parks and greenways. You could meet people at school sponsored events, through friends, through clubs, etc. Since State has a slightly higher male population, a lot of guys say it's easier for a girl to find a boyfriend than for a guy to find a girlfriend. But considering there are over 25, undergrads, you are going to meet a lot of people.

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What's the dating scene like? | North Carolina State University at Raleigh | Page 1 | Unigo

Say anything about your college! I know that quite a few black owned businesses flourish in Raleigh and Charlotte.

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The dating scene is like everywhere else, you meet some good guys and you meet some jerks. You can go out three nights a week with three different guys.

Depending on how old you are and where you live there are plenty of colleges and universities so you can hit up their events. If you live in Atlanta, Charlotte is a 3 hour ride.

You can drive up and visit before committing. Or visit Raleigh, that's a six hour drive.


How's the Dating Scene in North Carolina???? I have so many questions about NC step inside.

Mar 27, 4. If you say "down there" one more fucking time. Mar 27, 5. Mar 27, 6.

Mar 27, 7. StayMadBishes What's so bad about the dating scene here? It is not that bad at all. Plenty of people down here. It never ceases to amaze me how many fine black women are in this city.

Mar 27, 8. What part are you thinking of moving to?? Raleigh, will give you the better job market Durham is the most hood In any of those cities you will be OK job wise And there isn't so much of a DL men problem, like in atl Do you own your own business or are you looking to be employed?

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Mar 27, 9. He's always exposing people's husbands, baby fathers etc in North Carolina. Mar 27, Do not do it. Job market is terrible. Just do not do it.

Mar 28, Mar 29, Charlotte has horrible traffic and is starting to get pretty expensive. I think black-owned businesses do better in Raleigh anyways. I currently live in Greensboro, NC. Do not move to Greensboro It has a lot of universities but outside of campus life, things are dead. I am from the DMV area so it was a big change.